Colopl Inc Unleashes Battle Robots! for Android

Colopl Inc Unleashes Battle Robots! for Android


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Colopl Inc is mainly known for their Coin dropping games, but this week they’ve thrown something new our way with their new Android Game Battle Robots! Coins may still be involved, but this one’s all about fighting and building the best robot you can so you can be the baddest bot around.

As the title implies Battle Robots! is all about fighting, and you’ll do so with simple taps or swiping gestures that let you go for your opponents head or legs. You can also block and step back although if you’re like me you’ll charge straight ahead swinging. At the end of each battle you’ll get spare parts that can add to your attack, health, defense or guard. Battle Robots! allows you to customize your parts and weapons after each battle and there looks to be a lot of different gear and weapons to choose from. As mentioned, coins will still play a part in Battle Robots! just like it does in Colopl’s other games. Every battle will cost you a coin, and you can either purchase more to keep playing or wait 30 minutes to get your free coin.


Battle Robots! is quite a bit of fun, and I was surprised by the graphics and depth of the game. The battles, gear, and armor all look great and there are more than enough parts and people to fight to keep you busy for ages. Their coin drop games are very addictive, and it looks like Battle Robots! is going to be as well. If you’re ready to fight through a whopping 120 characters you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Battle Robots! for free.

Battle Robots!

Colopl Inc.

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