Breed and Race Horses in Com2uS’s Derby Days for Android

Breed and Race Horses in Com2uS’s Derby Days for Android


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If you like Horses today’s your lucky day as Com2uS released a new Android game this week called Derby Days. While the game won’t let you actually race in the Derby, you will get to build a ranch and stock it with everything you’re horses could ever want or need. Derby Days puts you to work running a Horse Ranch and you’ll have to take on all the tasks that go along with it. Raising horses isn’t easy either; picking a name out is easy, but keeping your animals content and happy is not. You’ll have to build structures like steam pools and corner tracks, and it will all be worthwhile when you see them happily running down the track. You’re not just raising horses for show though, Derby Days let’s you take your ponies to the track where you’ll get to compete in local derbies and for the championship. There are millions of horses to discover (their words not mine), and you’ll even get to breed horses with your friends to try and get super horses.


I wasn’t able to play Derby Days for myself as you’ve gotta’ love compatibility issues, but Derby Days seems like a solid game. There aren’t too many horse games out their either, so if you’re a fan of Horses (or building games) you’ll definitely want to pick this one up. You can download Com2uS’s Derby Days for free on Google Play.

Derby Days


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