Battle the Demon Lord in RPG DarkGate from Kemco Games

Battle the Demon Lord in RPG DarkGate from Kemco Games


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Kemco games is well known for their ability to release in-depth, engaging RPG games for Android. You can add another title to their growing list of games with their latest release RPG DarkGate.

Eons ago a battle took place that set the world on its path when God and the Demon Lord battled for supremacy. God made man and assigned the role of guardian to one special individual so that they could help keep the Demon Lord at bay and sealed in the darkness. Over time the seal has weakened and Dark Gates started to appear along with monsters. This is where you come in as your job is to destroy the dark rifts and keep mankind from descending into darkness. RPG Darkgate gives gamers a full roster of characters to play with and the story along with the ending vary depending on the path you take and characters in your party. There are also 70 different job classes to choose from and an intense, fast-paced battle system to enjoy.


I haven’t played RPG DarkGate yet, but I have enjoyed several of Kemco Games other titles like Symphony of Eternity and RPG Alphadia. If Darkgate is anything like Kemco’s other RPG’s rest assured it’s a solid, well done game that you’ll definitely enjoy. There is no free version of the game available, but if you’re a fan of foreign RPG’s the full version can be had for $2.99 on Google Play.

RPG DarkGate

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