Bang your Head… and Run with Black Metal Man for Android

Bang your Head… and Run with Black Metal Man for Android


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There are plenty of music-based Android games out there, but not many involve Heavy Metal or Head Banging. Black Metal Man from SinSquid Games is out to change that, and they’ve done a pretty good damn job.

Black Metal Man is an Endless Runner game that lets you run across a dark and dreary landscape to the sounds of Heavy Metal. The controls are simple as you just need to touch the screen to leap, and double tap for a double jump. If you miss a jump you’re going to have a bloody death, but if you’re quick enough you’ll get to see quite a few dark delights. There are power-ups in the game, and although I’ve only hit one so far it made the sky rain blood which was pretty cool, and very dark indeed. Black Metal Man also gets to ride a motorcycle and the lightning (literally) which is a cool Metallica reference for those of you not in the know. There are 6 different eerie landscapes to run through and while I’ve only played the Forest level I’ve got to assume that each level is darker than the next.

Black Metal Man is a fun little runner, and it’s an intense one as well. The soundtrack was also pretty cool, and if you dig Metal you’ll probably appreciate the background music. I also got a kick out of the little messages you get when you die like “Don’t smile when being photographed” and “Don’t buy albums with more than two colors on the cover”. The messages are always good for a laugh and show the dev’s definitely have a good sense of humor amid all the darkness and despair. If you’re looking to try something a little different or are tired of all the “cute” characters in Endless Running games then you’ll definitely want to give Black Metal Man a go. If you’re ready to Ride the Lightning you can pick up SinSquid’s Black Metal Man for $0.99 on Google Play.

Black Metal Man


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