Avoid the Goo in Pyrosphere’s Last Fish for Android

Avoid the Goo in Pyrosphere’s Last Fish for Android


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There are quite a few Android games out there that involve Fish, but a new one puts Fish in a whole different light. Last Fish is the name of the game, and staying away from goo and the evil shadowfish is what you’ll need to do to stay alive in this monochromatic little action game.

Last Fish puts you in the role of a lonely little fish that’s stuck in a toxic pool of Goo. The rules are very simple as you’ll need to eat, avoid any good, and simply try to survive as long as you can.  The controls are just as simple as well as you’ll use your device’s tilt controls to control you lil’ fish. Each level has a set of 4 objectives to complete although you just need to finish one to advance, and there are 45 levels in all. Last Fish also has a few Arcade style stages, and uses in-game achievements for those of you who like to achieve and go for the top scores.

If I had to use a few words to describe Last Fish it would be “stylistic simplicity” as it’s a very simple game to play and it definitely has a unique style all its own. I only got to preview it for a quick 10 minutes, but really enjoyed what I saw and it looks to be a unique game I think folks will thoroughly enjoy. If you like your games to have a bit of Artistic Flair, Last Fish is definitely a game you’ll want to look into. You can check out Pyrosphere’s Last Fish for $0.99 on Google Play.

Last Fish


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