Ahead Solutions releases Hangman Deluxe Premium for Android

Ahead Solutions releases Hangman Deluxe Premium for Android


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The game known as Hangman has been around forever, and there are many different forms of Android games that let you play the old classic. Hangman Deluxe Premium from Ahead Solutions is one such game and it’s one of the toughest Hangman games I’ve played to date.

If you’re not familiar with the game of Hangman the premise is very simple. You’re given blank spaces, and have to guess letters; if you miss a letter a part of the hangman’s gallows appears followed by body parts. If you don’t guess the word before all your little man’s parts appear he becomes a “Hangman” or Hanged Man if you prefer and your game is over. Different versions of the game play by different rules, but that’s the gist of it. Hangman Deluxe Premium takes the classic hangman game and switches things up a bit as there are 7 difficulty levels, lifelines, 5 different themes, and a whopping 4,000 words to guess. Hangman Deluxe Premium also makes things tough as each level has a set score for you to try and reach, and if you hang your man you’re score resets to 0. This definitely adds a layer of toughness to a game that’s normally fairly easy.

Hangman Deluxe Premium is basically like Hangman on steroids. The graphics are great and fit the game perfectly while the levels are tough and require multiple plays unless you’re a genius or rely on the hint system. Even though I didn’t reach a “themed” level it’s still a very cool feature as it’s a nice way to switch things up as you go from regular gameplay to Cowboys, Pirates, and even Monsters. If you’re looking for a good family friendly game to play or enjoy word games Hangman Deluxe Premium is definitely worth a look. You can pick up Ahead Solutions Hangman Deluxe Premium for free on Google Play.

Hangman Deluxe Premium

Ahead Solutions

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