The Top 10 New Android Games of the Week – July 15, 2012

The Top 10 New Android Games of the Week – July 15, 2012

We’re back yet again with another list of the Top 10 New Android Games of the Week. This week we saw a new game from Rovio, a new shootem’ up from Adult Swim, and even got to play some Platoon themed Pinball with Charlie Sheen. As usual we’ve tried to mix it up a bit to give you a wide selection of Android games to choose from, so without further ado we proudly present our picks for the Top 10 New Android Games of the Week July 15, 2012…

1. Major Mayhem

When Major Mayhem dropped I said it would be #1 on the list unless something better came along… well it didn’t. Major Mayhem is a badass little shooter from the folks at Adult Swim Games that lets you battle it out against evil Ninjas. There are a ton of fun upgrades, and most importantly the game’s a blast to play. If you’re ready to cause some Mayhem you can snag Major Mayhem for free on Google Play.

2. War Pinball HD

War Pinball HD is a fine new Pinball game from the folks at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and it’s also the manliest Pinball game you’ll ever play. You get three themed tables from Platoon, Navy Seals, and Missing in Action along with the original voices and sounds from each film. Nothing else needs to be said besides if you’re a man and enjoy pinball you should already be playing this game. Man up and pick up War Pinball HD on Google Play for $2.99.

3. Amazing Alex

Damn near everyone’s heard of this one by now and for good reason as Amazing Alex is Rovio’s first real game outside of Angry Birds. The Amazing Alex is a physics based puzzle game that lets you use all kinds of crazy contraptions to move objects from point A to point B. The game looks good, and from what I’ve played it’s been quite a bit of fun so far. Nothing earth shattering like Angry Birds, but a solid game nonetheless. You can check out Amazing Alex in three different (and ridiculous) flavors with the free demo, .99 full version, and the $2.99 HD version.

4. 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013

If you like your baseball realistic then look no further than 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013 from Com2uS. 9 innings has plenty of features for hardcore baseball fans, but is simple enough where anyone should be able to pick it up and start playing easily. You can check out Com2uS’s 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013 for free on Google Play.  

5. Paper Bees

Paper Bees is a new Android game from Wiggles 3D that has you trying to defend a paper beehive from attack. You’ve gotta’ fight off eight different types of deadly invaders including stink bugs and mosquitoes, and you’ll get to do that across 30 slick looking levels. You can checkout Wiggle 3D’s Paper Bees for free on Google Play.

6. City of Secrets

City of Secrets is a slick new Android Game from Aidem Media that takes place in a mysterious world full of secrets. You’ll have to help the heroic dog Reksio and the mole save the city and you’ll do it in a classic “point and click” style of gameplay. I haven’t gotten a chance to play this one yet, but it looks like a very good game. You can check out City of Secrets for free on Google Play.

7. Deity Wars

Card battling games are gaining popularity on Android and the newest one is called Deity Wars from Mobage. There are over a hundred cards to play, hidden treasures, bosses and guilds. You can play with your friends, and it’s pretty safe to say if you enjoy these types of games Deity Wars is one you won’t want to miss. You can pick up Deity Wars for free on Google Play.

8. Figment Demo

Figment is a top-down survival game that lets you use a flashlight to destroy evil monsters lurking in the dark around you. You’ll have to kill as many as you can, but you can get a little help from your friends via 3G/4G and WiFi. You can check out the Demo of Figment for free on Google Play.

9. Paper Tanks

Our second Paper themed game this week comes from Reign-Studios in the form of Paper Tanks. I haven’t tried this one out yet personally, but it involves paper, tanks, and battling with paper tanks. It’s a cool looking game and it’s free to check out on Google Play.

10. Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire is a new Zuma style arcade puzzler from the folks at Herocraft that puts you to work saving little birds from their demise. The birds are in a trance and you’ll snap them out of it by shooting birds of the same colors into groups. There are over 50 levels, 5 modes of play, and plenty of bonuses to help you out along the way. You can check out Birds on a Wire for free on Google Play.

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