Sketchy Ventures releases Amazing Brok for Android

Sketchy Ventures releases Amazing Brok for Android


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Brok is a rock. Brock has always dreamed of joining the circus, but well… he’s a rock. A rock with special abilities that is! Amazing Brok is a bizarre new platform game of sorts from the team at Sketchy Ventures although there’s nothing “Sketchy” about their latest venture as the Amazing Brok is quite a bit of fun.  

Amazing Brok is a simplistic platform game that’s anything but simple. Brok’s “amazing” ability is the ability to jump, and while you may now be wowed by that power, remember he’s just a rock. You can make Brok jump by simply tapping a button, and the only other button you’ll use is one that lets you interact with the environment. Yup, it’s a simple 2-button control scheme so anyone should be able to pick up and play Brok with no problem. Well… that really depends on your reflexes as things get quite tricky in the world of the Amazing Brok. The environment button is like a switch; when you flip it the direction of some things can change, things may shoot, etc… Once you tap that button, you’re going to have to tap it several more times to get to the end of each level all while jumping, and trying not to hit the ground.


I only ran through a quick handful of levels in the Amazing Brok, and it’s a rock solid game… pun totally intended. The controls are simple, the graphics are great, and it’s tough enough to offer up a challenge while still making you want to come back for more. It also has quite a bit of depth with over 75 levels set across 4 different worlds. There isn’t a demo available at this time, but you can pick up the full version of Amazing Brok for only $0.99.

Amazing Brok

Sketchy Ventures

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