Run, Jump, and Attack with Fantasy X Runners for Android

Run, Jump, and Attack with Fantasy X Runners for Android


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Running games take many shapes and forms, but FantasyxRunner from Moonrabbit kicks things up a notch. FantasyxRunner lets you run, jump, slash your way through enemies, and fight powerful bosses.

I’ve said it hundreds of times in the past and I’ll say it again, running games are not a favorite of mine. FantasyxRunner however is different, and does a great job of sucking you in with its quest system and unique style of play. You do a lot of running, but you also get to jump over cliffs and take down monsters all while going full speed as you race towards your goal. You can unleash combos for higher scores, and things really get crazy when you go “berserk.” FantasyXRunner offers us 5 unique stages, plenty of quests, and powerful bosses just waiting to take you down. You’ll also get to deal with 12 heroes and can earn rubies to do a bit of upgrading to your party.


I’ve only spent a short time playing it, but have thorugouhly enjoyed myself thus far. The only drawback I see is with the permissions, as the game uses some that “could” be considered suspect. There’s really no need for the amount of permissions this game uses and if it gets popular people are going to bitch about them and I can’t blame them. If you want to give the game a go feel free, just check out the permissions tab first. You can find FantasyxRunner on Google Play for free.



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