Rovio finally unveils Amazing Alex to the World

Rovio finally unveils Amazing Alex to the World


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As promised today Rovio has unleashed its new game to the world in the form of Amazing Alex. If you think you’ll be flinging birds in their new title you’d be sorely mistaken as Amazing Alex is about as far as you can get form Angry Birds. The Amazing Alex is the story of a kid genius name Alex who loves to put together contraptions using his imagination and ordinary household items. Alex is a pro up putting together funky contraptions and now he wants to see just how good you are. You’ll basically have to objects from point A to point B, knock things down, pop balloons, etc…etc… In all honesty it’s nothing new, but just because it’s not new doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It just means it’s been done a lot…


I’m not going to pass judgment on the game yet as I only got to play a handful of levels. The graphics and overall atmosphere are pleasing, but so far nothing’s stood out to me as being groundbreaking or fresh. That may chance with the rest of the game, but I wasn’t overly impressed with the demo. There are 3 versions of Amazing Alex available (overkill) for download; the free version lets you try 16 levels while the two paid versions give you 100. The regular paid version is .99 and the HD paid version is $2.99. I will bit the bullet and buy the HD version to review; hopefully my opinion will change after running through the full game. Anyone else a “little” disappointed in this one so far or are you happy with Rovio’s newest game?

Amazing Alex Demo


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