Rideon Japan releases Adventure Bar Story for Android

Rideon Japan releases Adventure Bar Story for Android


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If you enjoy cooking games you’ve probably thought about owning a restaurant or bar one day, and if you’re a gamer you’ve probably played several different RPG’s in your gaming lifetime. What do those two things have in common? Plenty if you’re playing Adventure Bar Story from Rideon Japan…

Adventure Bar Story lets you operate a bar inside of a retro RPG game where you’ll get to cook up wild things and serve them to your customers. You’ll have to buy and gather ingredients in order to make the tastiest dishes around, and you’ve also got to deal with the evil Gustav who wants to buy out your bar and make it his own. The cooking is done inside the bar/restaurant, and you can buy some ingredients in town while others will have to be gathered in a dungeon. You “eat” to gain XP, and you’ll get EP from beating the bad guys which is used for learning new skills. The dungeon fighting in Adventure Bar Story is very well done, and if you’ve played an old-school RPG you’ll appreciate the easy to use setup. I also thought it was cool that you can set it to auto which is nice if you’re looking to save a little time going through the dungeons.


Adventure Bar Story is a little game with a lot going on, much more than I expected when I fired up the demo. I flew through the demo for this write-up, but I can tell you now that I will be buying this one today. It’s a very interesting game and from what I’ve seen so far it’s very well done with a fun story, tons of ingredients, and plenty of places to check out. If you dig RPG’s with an old school flair or cooking games I’d definitely recommend that you check this one out. You can pick up the limited Lite version of Adventure Bar Story for free while the full version gives you a lot of bang for your buck at only $1.28.

Adventure Bar Story

Rideon Japan

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  1. dinodino
    August 2, 2012, 11:50 pm

    wow. this sounds like a game i’ve wanted to play for a long time! going to download this now. thanks for the recommendation!! :)

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