Quirky Fun with the Futurama head-in-a-Jar Creator for Android

Quirky Fun with the Futurama head-in-a-Jar Creator for Android


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If you’re a fan of Futurama you know all about head’s in jars, and thanks to MTV Networks you can now create your own head in a jar masterpiece. As cool as it sounds MTV Networks apps have really been hit or miss so it’s a crapshoot how the Futurama head-in-a-Jar Creator will actually play.  Are you ready to put some heads in jars or is it just a waste of time? Read on to find out…

The first thing you want to do in the Futurama head-in-a-Jar Creator is pick a head to start with and you’re given a choice of 4 with Male, Female, Robot, and Alien of course. Once you’ve got your head and main color picked out it’s time to decorate that head in a box and you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. You can pick your heads eyes, nose, and hair along with several extras. You also get to pick a name and background to finish things out. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Well, the key word is “Sounds Cool” as you’re not going to be able to us this app on most Android phones. Why? Because there’s not enough room on the damned screen to see and choose any options past picking the head. If you have a tablet you’re good to go, but if you’re on a phone you’re screwed for now… at least on the 3 phones I tried. That wouldn’t be so bad, but it was stuck on the flash screen before that so they got that fixed just to show us that it isn’t optimized for most handsets.


Even though the Futurama head-in-a-Jar Creator works great on a Tablet I’m tagging it as an Epic Fail for now until MTV get’s their crap together. I normally don’t cover games or apps that suck or slam developers for crap-apps, but I’m making an exception in this case. I grew up on MTV (when they still played music) so I’ve been a fan since the days of Remote Control & Headbanger’s Ball. It’s disappointing to see a company this large constantly screw up little things in their apps and basically just suck at it. People always have issues with their apps and it’s like the suits rush everything out without testing it on any devices at all. MTV should stick to doing the Jersey Snore and all their reality crap and leave apps like this to Adult Swim or someone who can put out a functioning game. It may work for you, but it doesn’t work for most of us… if you’re feeling lucky you can get Futurama head-in-a-Jar Creator on Google Play.

Futurama Head-in-a-jar Creator

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