Mow through some Mutants in Glu Mobile’s Mutant Roadkill

Mow through some Mutants in Glu Mobile’s Mutant Roadkill


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Racing games are always a good time, and any game involving monstrous mutants has got my attention. Put them both together and you get an Android game like Mutant Roadkill from Glu Mobile.

Mutant Roadkill puts you on the road as you’ll have to race through and apocalyptic wasteland that’s been taken over by some pretty nasty mutants. Driving your car is easy (and fun) as you’ll simply need to tilt your device to steer and swipe the screen to turn. You basically want to try and stay on the road as long as possible while running over as many zombies as you can. Once your vehicle comes to a halt you’re given some coins for your efforts and a reward box if you hit any significant achievements. Mutant Roadkill has around 6 different types of vehicles and several different types of powerups and items to help you along on your mutant killing journey.



Mutant Roadkill is a great little quick play game that’s easy to play and easy on the eyes as well. There are quite a few cars to unlock and the way the controls are setup work really well for mowing down mutants. If you’re ready to give it a go, you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Glu Mobile’s Mutant Roadkill for free.

Mutant Roadkill

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