Go Fishing… for Rats in Miniclip Games Rat Fishing for Android

Go Fishing… for Rats in Miniclip Games Rat Fishing for Android


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When I first started reviewing Android Games I can honestly say Miniclip’s games were the last thing to come to mind. Well, that’s changed as they just keep cranking out quality titles like their newest one Rat Fishing.

Rat Fishing puts you to work “fishing for revenge” as you’ll use cheese to lure rats out of their hiding holes. Your job is to exterminate the rats so they don’t get away with stealing cheese and you’re going to have quite a bit of fun doing it. The gameplay is pretty interesting as all you need to do is strategically place your cheese so the Rat’s can smell it so they’ll come out of their hole. Once the Rat’s emerge from their holes they’ll go into a Zombie like state and go straight for the cheese. Your job is to figure out where to put it so the Rat’s will go to their demise, and you’ll want to use as little cheese as possible to get the best score. Rat Fishing gives gamers a whopping 144 levels spanning 4 different worlds, but like a lot of games these days you’re only going to get so many for free.


Rat Fishing is a solid puzzle game with a cool gameplay mechanic as placing the hypnotic cheese is fun and requires you to think. There are enough levels to keep you busy for quite awhile, but it seems like you’ll only get the first world along with 36 levels for “free”. The other levels are all available, but require 5500 coins each to unlock; I’ve played through the first 10 levels and have only cleared around 1200 so it looks like you’re probably going to have to buy coins or complete free offers to unlock the whole game. If you’re ready to give it a whirl you can pickup Miniclip’s Rat Fishing for free on Google Play.

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