Gamevil releases Sakura Slash for Android

Gamevil releases Sakura Slash for Android


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If you enjoy Ninja’s as much as I do then you play damn near any Ninja game you can find. Sakura Slash is the newest Ninja game I’ve come across, and it’s a Ninja game that includes spirit orbs, demons, and ink water paintings. Yup… ink water paintings.

Sakura Slash is a weird game and a bit hard to really understand. You basically slash things that come up on the screen, and you can use spirit orbs you collect to upgrade your sword/brush thing. It’s basically like Fruit Ninja and other slicing game where you’ll want to slice anything that appears, but there seems to be more to it although I can’t quite figure out what it is. I know a “two fingered touch” enables brush skills which allow you to do special moves, but the moves appear to be the same as before just a bit more stylized. The shop upgrades also seem to cost way too much compared to what you can earn, but I could be missing something as the game is hard really understand, lags on certain screens, and locks up randomly.


I normally love Gamevil’s games but this one not so much. This is one of those cases where the market description makes a game sound much cooler than it is by throwing in buzzwords like Ninja, Demons, Skills, and Brushes. I understand exactly what they were trying to do; I just don’t think they put it together very well. The game does look good and it’s very stylish, but there are too many other games out there that do basically the same thing, but do it much, much better. I have no doubt people will still download this one in droves, but it’s not for me and I think a lot of others will agree that it’s not for them either. If you still want to give it a go, you can pick up Sakura Slash on Google Play for free.

Sakura Slash

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