Escape the Room in Love is not Tied for Android

Escape the Room in Love is not Tied for Android


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I’ll admit I’m a sucker for a catchy or intriguing title, and they don’t come more mysterious than a new Android game called Love is not tied from Idac co. Is it a game about love or bondage? Are there ghosts involved… is it any good? Those were all questions popping into my head when I saw the title and promptly downloaded the game…

Love is not tied is not a game about love really, and bondage isn’t involved so I apologize if I got anyone’s hopes up although I did get your attention. It’s actually a “Escape Game” of sorts that puts you into a mystery involving your family and a mysterious old house. Just like other escape games the rules and gameplay are simple as you’ll collect items for your inventory and use said items to solve puzzles so you can escape from the room. You’ll have to search and interact with many different locations to make your escape and unlock the mysteries of your grandfather’s house and its room full of riddles.



Idac Co. has already put out some great escape the room type of games, and it looks as if they’ve added another to the list with Love is not tied. It’s one of those games that simple enough that anyone can play it, but provides enough puzzles to keep most folks entertained. These types of games are usually a bit short, but always good fun if you enjoy the genre. There are some reports of a glitch in the game from users, but I’m sure Idac will clear it up promptly as the game was just released. If you’d like to give it a go, you can pick up Love is not tied on Google Play for free.

Love is not tied

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