Djinnworks releases Stickman Games: Summer Edition for Android

Djinnworks releases Stickman Games: Summer Edition for Android


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If you’re looking for a great Stickman Game Djinnworks EU are the people to get it from. Yesterday they added a new Stickman game to their repertoire to celebrate the Summer Games with Stickman Games: Summer Edition for Android.

Stickman Games: Summer Edition takes your Stickman to the summer Olympics where you’ll compete in a slew of events. You’ll get to take on hurdles, long jump, archery, javelin, and swimming just to name a few. You’ll get 12 events in all and over 100 different challenges to take on, if that’s not enough you’ll get to customize your little Olympian with money earned from competing in events. There are Online and Offline leaderboards, and they also utilize Openfeint if you dig achievements. The developers also say there will be regular updates with new events which sounds pretty awesome in my book. There are a ton of events in the Olympics and there are quite a few I can think of that would be cool in Stickman form.


I’ve been slacking on my Olympic “Game” coverage as more Olympic themed games are popping up every week. There are quite a few good ones, and you can add Stickman Games: Summer Edition to that list as well. The graphics are simple yet cool, and the controls are easy enough to where anyone should be able to pick this one up and play. There’s a free version you can checkout and the full version will only cost you $0.99 if you want to go all out.

Stickman Games: Summer Edition


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