Defend your Fortress in Fortress Under Siege from Easytime Studios

Defend your Fortress in Fortress Under Siege from Easytime Studios


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Fortress Under Siege is a new Android game from the folks at Easytime Studio that puts you to work safeguarding a Kingdom in peril. It’s a game about fortress building, armies, and destroying your enemies and it looks like it might be quite a bit of fun.

Fortress Under Siege allows you to build a unique fortress of your own instead of just dropping one onto the map. You can put up your own walls, setup pits, barriers, and gatehouses among other things. One thing I thought was cool was the ability to lay down “pitch” so you can set it on fire and barbeque your enemies; you can also build towers that allow you to use magic and arrows as no decent middle-age siege game is complete without one of those two.  There are over 22 different types of military units, several different types of bosses, and three different modes of play with Story Mode, Glory Mode, and Crusader mode. If that’s not enough to pique your interested Fortress Under Siege also has 47 different maps, several different types of unit upgrades, and the ability to set enemies on fire with pitch (so cool we had to mention it twice) and shoot them off the walls with your archers.


As cool as Fortress Under Siege sounds, I haven’t been able to run it as I’m getting the big ol’ “incompatible device” message as a lot of apps & games still don’t play well with Jellybean or ICS for that matter. There’s also no free version to try which is a bummer as you need more than the 15-minute refund window to try out a game like this. It looks to be a solid strategy/tower defense game and if you can run it you may want to check it out. You can snag Easytime Studio’s Fortress Under Siege for free on Google Play.

Fortress Under Siege

Easytime Studios

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