A Review of Hothead Games Big Win Baseball for Android
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A Review of Hothead Games Big Win Baseball for Android

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We’ve seen quite a few baseball Android games that run the gauntlet from realistic to cartoonish. Thanks to Big Win Baseball from Hothead games you can now add simulation to that list, and if you dig Baseball sims this is about as good as it’s going to get.

Big Win Baseball is a solid baseball sim that lets you build your team from the ground up using baseball cards. When you first fire up the game you’re given a pack full of players and powerups to get you started. Your starting players won’t be that good, but no worries as you can add more with coins won through playing games. Actually, you don’t really play a game, but you can watch it being played out or simulate it. There are a few different types of games to play with Daily Pennant, Friends Pennant or Quick Game. The Pennant games are tournaments of sorts, but Quick Play is where you’ll probably spend most of your time.

Before each game you’re given the choice to play “Big Impact Cards” that can boost your team’s skills during a game. You and your opponent have a chance to play up to 3 cards before each game, and while you can play without them you’ll probably have your ass handed to you if you don’t use them. For every game you play you’ll be awarded fans and coins; if you win you’ll get around 100 and if you lose it’s 50. You also level up, and can change your team up anytime you wish providing you have the cards.

There are several different types of packs that range from Bronze to Gold and there’s a whole extra tier of “Big” cards that will cost you cash. Coins can only be used to purchase two of the eight kinds of packs, and you’ll have to use “bucks” to buy the high end ones. Both forms of currency can be earned in game or bought via the in-app purchasing system. It’s not hard to get enough bread together to buy the bronze or silver packs, but you’re definitely going to have to pay or complete a lot of in-app offers to get the top tier cards.


As much as I wanted to love Big Win Baseball, it fell short for me and I’ve already made the tough call to uninstall it. Don’t get me wrong the gameplay it top-notch, but there are some major issues that need to be addressed especially concerning the card packs. I played for hours to earn enough to buy a gold pack and 4-5 silver ones, but my excitement quickly faded when I opened them and got a 2nd basemen in every single pack. Therein lies the rub as you can only play one player at each position, and even though the DH spot can be used by anyone you’re still stuck with multiple top tier players at the same position. The match-ups are also a bit sketchy as you’ll quickly find out when you get stomped by a team 20 points lower than you that doesn’t use powerups. Big Win Baseball is a game that could be great, but they’re going to have to tweak the game to get me to play it again. If you still want to give it a shot you can pick up Big Win Baseball for free on Google Play.

Big Win Baseball

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Update – Looks like Hothead updated this one along with their other sports games. They’ve taken care of several nagging issues which have improved the gameplay so the score has been raised up a bit.

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A Review of Hothead Games Big Win Baseball for Android, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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