A Review of Com2uS’s Swing Shot for Android
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A Review of Com2uS’s Swing Shot for Android

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Last week we told you about a killer new game from Com2uS called Swing Shot. I said I thought it would be popular, and 50-100,000 downloads and a 4.7 rating says I hit that nail on the head. As promised, I’m back with a full review of Swing Shot. I did a gaming session on this one and after about hours or so the verdicts in and it turns out that Swing Shot is even better than I thought.

Swing Shot is a physics-based flinger of sorts that has you trying to knock your opponent’s animals from their hangers before they knock yours off. You start out with some monkeys, but can unlock other animals by spending money you earn in the game. No matter which animal you choose they all battle angry birds style as you’ll simply need to touch an animal and drag back to send things flying. Different animals have different attacks, and some are much more deadly than others. Rocks are always good, but a beehive can really do some damage. My personal favorite has to be the beetles though; I won’t tell you what they do, but they are very deadly when used correctly.

The animals hang from a mobile of sorts, and you can place different animals on different hangers depending on your strategy and your money. All this is done from the “My Room” section of the game where you’ll be able to setup your mobile. From here you can pick different setups, replace boards and animals, and purchase extra spots on your mobile if you have enough coin. As for the animals, there are 5 of them in all with monkeys, raccoons, bears, sloths, and pandas. You can buy a set amount of x20 for bananas or get unlimited ones for coins. The “sticks” on your mobile can be replaced as well; there are around 8 of those and they also come in the limited/unlimited flavors.

Swing Shot has 2 modes of plays with Arcade and Quickplay; Arcade has 48 levels spanning 4 worlds and Quick Play lets you go online. Quick Play mode lets you battle in three different ways with Classic, Sniper, and Crazy. Each mode is a little different from the last, and adding multiplayer to the Swing Shot really extends the gameplay and makes a great game even better.


Swing Shot is surprisingly simple, and simply addictive. At first I dove right in and starting flinging rocks with a monkey, and breezed through quite a few levels. It took awhile before I figured out how much strategy is involved, and that you really need to think before you buy. While you’ll obviously want to buy all the animals and the good sticks, some planning is required as what works in Arcade mode doesn’t work quite as well in multiplayer. The graphics and overall setting are just as solid as the gameplay, and there’s really nothing bad I can say about Swing Shot at all. I highly recommend this one to everyone, and you can grab it for free on Google Play.

Swing Shot


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Rating: 9.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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A Review of Com2uS's Swing Shot for Android, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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