Destroy the Undead and get back your Clothes in Zombies Loli for Android

Destroy the Undead and get back your Clothes in Zombies Loli for Android


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When you think of blood thirsty Zombies clothes aren’t usually the first thing to come to mind. Well, that’s not the case with Zombies Loli. This oddly named Android game is all about zombies and clothing; it’s also quite a bit of fun as you’ll quickly find out.

Zombies Loli is the story of a chick named Loli who’s about to go on a date when suddenly the Zombie Apocolypse hits and everything goes South. Loli survives the attack, but her dresses and shoes do not as the Zombies took everything she had which kind of puts a damper on her date. Well, Loli is pissed and out for revenge which is where you come in. You’ll have to take control of Loli and blast away at the Zombies until you recover her clothing from the evil Zombie Queen. Zombies Loli is a dual-stick shooter with an emphasis on “shooter” as you’re going to get to mow through hundreds of zombies in two different modes. Zombie Loli is also all about customization as you there are around 48 costume items to unlock with money earned during the game.


Zombies Loli is an odd game, but a fun one with crisp graphics and plenty of Zombies to kill. It has to be the first game I’ve seen where you’re killing for clothing, and it works well as I’ve had a blast playing the game so far. Check back this weekend for a full review of the game, until then you can head over to Google Play and pick up Hungry Dog’s Zombie Loli for free.

Zombies Lala


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