Apostek Software releases Super Touchdown for Android

Apostek Software releases Super Touchdown for Android


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Even though it’s not quite time for Football season yet you can still have some good old fashioned fun with Super Touchdown from Apostek Software. Super Touchdown is part strategy game, part drawing game, and 100% fun if you’re into Football.

Super Touchdown is a unique football game as you’re not going to be playing like you would in madden, but you will get to set up the plays and see them executed. You get to set your players up on the field, and then you’ll draw paths for them to follow. There’s a bit more to it than that though as you can throw passes and defend of course. It may take you a minute to get the hang of how things work, but once you do it’s a lot of fun and there’s quite a bit of strategy involved. Super Touchdown lets you take the field with two teams and there are quite a few modes of play with Strategy, Touchdown Frenzy, Challenge, and Training. If you enjoy keeping track of scores and achievements they’ve got you covered there as well by utilizing the OpenFeint scoring system.


I’m a football guy, and generally buy every football game I can get my hands on. Super Touchdown is far different than anything I’ve played, and it’s all the better for it. While I just briefly went through the game to check it out, I look forward to digging in deep and seeing exactly how good the game is. Expect a full review next week, until then I highly recommend checking out Apostek Software’s Super Touchdown for Android.

Super Touchdown

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