Spectrum Entertainment releases New Racing game CarDust for Android

Spectrum Entertainment releases New Racing game CarDust for Android


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If you like your racing games a little on the vintage side of things you’ll get a kick out of CarDust from Spectrum Entertainment. CarDust is a new Android racing game that lets you throw up dust from desolate wastelands to ruined dockyards and it’s quite a bit of fun to boot…

CarDust takes you on a ride across some desolate looking landscapes in some cool vintage vehicles that range from an old VW Beetle to a wicked looking classic Cadillac. The cars and tracks look great and really work well to put you in the gritty world of CarDust. Racing games on mobiles are definitely not my favorite genre, and the way CarDust is laid out took me a little getting used to. There is no “landscape” mode during gameplay so you’ll have to hold the phone normally and steer with a set of 3 buttons laid out across the bottom of the screen. Considering the tracks and how much you slide around the turns, you’ll probably need some practice before you take 1st place; some power-ups can also make things a bit tricky as well. CarDust gives gamers 5 cool vehicles (a 6th can be unlocked) and 5 great looking 3D tracks. There are 3 modes of gameplay as well with Quick Race, Time Trail, and Tournament.


I only spent about a half hour played the free versions of CarDust, but liked everything I saw although I really wish the game could be played in landscape mode like most racers. There’s a free version of the game you can try that gives you 2 game modes, 2 cars, and two tracks while the full version gives you everything for $1.99. CarDust is well worth a look and you can check it out on Google Play.


Spectrum Entertainment

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