Roll Around with Andrew C. Bell’s gothball for Android

Roll Around with Andrew C. Bell’s gothball for Android


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It rolls, it jumps, and it’s known to be a little dark and indifferent to the world at times… its gothball! No, it’s not a gothic superhero; it’s a new Android game from Andrew C. Bell about a little round creature called gothball who likes to roll around.

Gothball is a puzzle game of sorts that lets you control a little ball like creature as you try to make your way through tricky traps, puzzles, and enemies. Controlling gothball is done through touch as you can slide your finger around the screen to maneuver the ball through the levels. He does a bit more than roll though as you can jump by double tapping, and you can smash shrines for power-ups. The difficulty comes into play as the levels are all timed by an hourglass, and when it runs out you’re done. You can pick up extra time here and there, and there are paragon’s that act as checkpoints along the way as well. Oh yea, I almost forgot there are enemies you’ll have to face and you’ll need to be wary of the Eater of balls because it will eat your balls…


The world of gothball is a dreary one with its muted grey tones, but it’s also quite a bit of fun. Controlling your ball is easy, but tough to master and the game’s got a sense of humor as well. There’s a lot more to the game than meets the eye, and if you enjoy puzzlers or maze style games gothball is worth a look. There is a demo version you can try out or you can skip straight to the full version for $1.00. Both versions of Andrew C. Bell Productions gothball are available to download on Google Play.


Andrew C. Bell

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