Put together the Ultimate Team in Big Win Baseball from Hothead Games

Put together the Ultimate Team in Big Win Baseball from Hothead Games


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Just when I thought I could sit down and enjoy a nice game of Spider-Man, Hothead games had to go and drop a game to suck up the rest of my free time with Big Win Baseball.

If you’re not familiar with Hothead’s “Big Win” series you are truly in for a treat as these sports sims will suck you in and don’t let go easily. Your goal is to build the best team and then smash your opponents into the ground as you strike out their best hitters and launch homers into the stands. Big Win Baseball lets you build your own team through buying “packs” of cards which boost your skills and give you top-notch players. There are also Impact cards that can give you a boost during gameplay like No Walks, Plate Focus, The Cannon, and The Wheelhouse. Packs can be purchased with money you win by playing or flat out through the in-app purchasing setup.


There are quite a few baseball games out there, and while Big Win Baseball isn’t considered a full fledged baseball game it’s still quite a bit of fun. The simulation aspect of the game is solid, and the ability to buy packs which upgrade your players is cool if a little expensive at times. I normally don’t do the whole in-app purchasing thing, but when you buy a platinum pack and get superstar players for your team it does make you want to buy more just to see what you can get. Overall it’s a great game, and very addictive if you enjoy sport sims or team building games. You can check out the awesomeness of Big Win Baseball for yourself on Google Play for free.

Big Win Baseball

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