Play the role of a Surgeon with Knee Surgery from Fit Body

Play the role of a Surgeon with Knee Surgery from Fit Body


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There are a lot of different genres of Android games out there, but Surgery games are one genre I’d definitely like to see more of. Knee Surgery from Fit Body is one of a handful of operating games out there, and it will let you get a taste of performing surgery while leaving out the debt left behind from Medical School.

I’ll start off by saying that Knee Surgery is a pretty damned in-depth game as you quickly notice from the start. I did not expect a talking doctor to walk me through things, and I also didn’t expect to have to answer questions and hear the doc talk about Betadine and how important it is. It’s not a bad thing; it’s just very, very in-depth. Along the way you’ll actually get to do a few things like sign the part you’re operating on, prep the area for surgery, and eventually cut and spread open that knee that’s worn out. As it’s a pretty straightforward game I won’t’ spoil the rest of it for you, but again I’ll just say that it’s very in-depth.


Knee Surgery isn’t at all what I expected as I was hoping for a fun “operation” style game, but instead got a learning sim of sorts. I think the game would be excellent for folks in the medical field, but for me or casual gamers I think it will fall a little short as far as the fun’s concerned. If the game had more body parts, quests or allowed you to screw up. It’s well done, but not really a game so keep that in mind before downloading. If you still want to (kind of) perform knee surgery you can check out Fit Body’s Knee Surgery on Google Play for free.

Knee Surgery

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