Noodlecake Studios releases Foozle for Android

Noodlecake Studios releases Foozle for Android


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Noodlecake Studios has been on a tear with their awesome “Game a Week” project, and this week they’ve added a new physics puzzler called Foozle. Foozles are generally cute, peaceful folk but some of the red ones have become a little testy and you’ll have to get rid of those rebels while keeping the good ones safe.

Foozles is basically a “change the shape” style puzzler where you’ll tap to change an objects shape from a square to a circle. This is how you move the Foozles around as you’ll want the red ones to roll off the screen, but not the yellow ones as they’re the good guys. Not all red Foozles will move easily though as some are sleeping or in tricky spots so you’ll have to use your brain to figure out how to make them fall in the least moves possible. I’ve only gone through the first handful of levels and have already seen a few different types of Foozles so I expect more to follow along with rocks, bombs, and other special things to help you out along the way. Foozle also seems to have some depth as it has 75 colorful levels spread across 3 different worlds.


Foozles is a fun new physics puzzler, and while it uses a gameplay mechanic we’ve seen several times before it’s still a blast to play. The whole “shape changing” aspect of the game works well with the creatures and the world Noodlecake worked to create, and it’s already become quite addictive in the short time I’ve been playing it. If you dig puzzlers this is one you won’t want to miss and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.


Noodlecake Studios

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