Mtv Networks and The Chocolate Liberation Front release Oscura for Android

Mtv Networks and The Chocolate Liberation Front release Oscura for Android


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Mtv Networks and the Chocolate Liberation Front dropped a surprising game a few days ago that involves light, crystals, and evil dark creatures. The name of the new game is Oscura and if you like stylish games, it looks to be one that you’ll definitely want to check out…

Oscura takes place in a strange land where a power crystal has exploded and sent the island into dark times. Your job is to retrieve the crystal shards and restore light to the land which as you might expect won’t be that easy. We really don’t know much about the game s the market description is sparse and there are only a few screenshots up. We do know that Oscura is a 2D platformer with a dark, dramatic atmosphere, but that’s basically it for now.

I haven’t gotten a chance to play Oscura yet, but it definitely has an interesting premise and unique style. There is little to no information out there about this release, so I will brave the 15-minute refund window later this evening to give it a run. If it’s as cool as I think it’ll be expect a full report tomorrow complete with screens and a video. If you want to check it out for yourself now you can head over to Google Play and pick up Oscura for $1.99.


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