Menue Games unleases Mexi Cannon for Android

Menue Games unleases Mexi Cannon for Android


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If you’ve dreamed of the day when you can fire a Mexican wrestler out of a cannon, today’s the day. Mexi Cannon from Menue games will take care of that dream as it allows you to fire several different wrestlers through the air without the worrying about lawsuits.

Most people are familiar with the Luchador’s and their colorful costumes, and Mexi Cannon lets you take control of Taco a Luchador who dreams of joining the Luchador World Championship. Trouble is that he’s late so he’ll need your help getting there on time to fulfill his dream. That’s where the handy cannon comes in as you get to fire said Luchador through the air to see how far you can get. Each stage has different requirements you have to meet to progress and there are quite a few different power-ups to help you out along the way. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a simple cannon game as Mexi Cannon has a lot going on and there are a lot of cool ways to improve your distance and score.


Mexi Cannon is a surprisingly fun game, and it has quite a bit of depth with several unlockable wrestlers, costumers, and plenty of power-ups. There are a few different modes as well, and high score tables if you want to see who the best is. Mexi Cannon is also a good looking game, the music, presentation, and graphics are all very well done and suit the game to a tee. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be playing this one for awhile so expect a full review early next week. If you’re ready to fire a few wrestlers from a massive cannon head on over to Google Play and pick up Menue Games Mexi Cannon for free.

Mexi Cannon

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