Kill countless Zombies with Outline Games The Clones of Corpus for Android

Kill countless Zombies with Outline Games The Clones of Corpus for Android


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Zombie games are popular, and the folks at Outline games have just put out their 2nd Zombie related Android game with the recently released The Clones of Corpus.

The Clones of Corpus is a defensive Zombie killing game where you’ll hole up behind barricades and blast away at the oncoming Zombie hordes. As you are the sole survivor from Corpus Corporation’s experiments it’s all up to you, and there’s going to be plenty of Zombie to pick off. You move around with a joystick, and shoot using the same setup although you can do both at the same time. When the levels start you’ll have to repair any barricades that need fixed and stock up on ammo form the orange pod. You earn money for every kill you make and at the end of each round you can research new weapons as well as check your achievements and stats. Needless to say, the game does get tougher as you progress and I was already starting to get overwhelmed around the 3rd area so it looks like The Clones of Corpus is going to be fairly tough which isn’t a bad thing.


The Clones of Corpus is another Zombie game in a sea of Zombie games, but it does have some things that make it stand out. I like Black & White graphics and style of the game, and there are plenty of weapons and upgrades for use on the zombies. I’m not sure how long the game is yet, but the description says 18 unique survival challenges so we’ll go with that for now. If you enjoy killing zombies you’ll probably dig The Clones of Corpus and you can get it for free on Google Play.

The Clones of Corpus

Outline Games

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