Hunt some Gators with the History Channels Swamp People for Android

Hunt some Gators with the History Channels Swamp People for Android


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There are a few good TV tie-in games out there, and another one just got added to the list with Swamp People by A&E Network Games. The game lets you hunt gators down in Louisiana without the fear of having an arm ripped off by a gator or being drug under the marshes.

Swamp People lets you tear ass through the bayou’s of the south as you try to bag the biggest gators around. Just like on the show you’ll zip through the swamps, set traps, and upgrade your gear. Getting around the bayou is easy, and quite a bit of fun as you’re given dual joysticks; one lets you drive while the other lets you shoot. The game gives you 10 different gator hunts to undertake, and you get a base camp where you can setup your team for the next hunt. There are around 15 boats, 11 different types of traps, and 9 types of rifles to go along with several different types of houses and clothing. The upgraded homes and clothing don’t improve your gameplay like the other items, but it does make you look like you’re moving up in the world.  There are also several different types of gators in the swamp, and some are quite the pain in the ass to catch.


I had no idea Swamp People was out, but after playing it for a bit I’m glad I stumbled across it. Shooting the gators takes a little practice especially if you’re going after the aggressive ones, but driving around the bayou is a blast. I actually spent a lot of time just drifting around islands and ramming into competitors for the fun of it. If you’re a fan of the show or enjoy hunting games you’ll definitely want to give Swamp People a look. You can pick up A&E Television Games Swamp People on Google Play for free.

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