Help Red Plant some Trees in Origin8 Technologies Tractor Trails for Android

Help Red Plant some Trees in Origin8 Technologies Tractor Trails for Android


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There are many Android games that let you race cars, trucks, and even tractors. Origin8 Technologies Tractor Trails is the 2nd game we’ve seen that lets you drive a tractor, but it’s the first that one actually lets you plant trees.

Tractor Trails lets you take to the land as you try and help Chuck plant as many seeds as possible with his good ol’ tractor Red. It sounds simple, but there is a small problem… Red doesn’t have any brakes! This makes things much trickier as you’ll have to choose your paths wisely, but luckily controlling red is pretty simple. At the end of each stage you’re scored based on time, gophers, and how many trees you plant; the level count is right around 130 levels set across 5 areas so it’s pretty safe to say Tractor Trails has some depth. The game also keeps your stats and has a lot of achievements to shoot for if you’re the achievement snagging type. There’s also a HD button that comes set to off; initially I though the games graphics were poor until I noticed HD was turned off. If you’re phone can run it you’ll definitely want to click it as it makes a HUGE difference in the games graphics.


Tractor Trails is a neat little Android game that kids and adults should both be able to enjoy. It will require you to think as the mazes get more difficult, especially if you want to go for all 3 stars and a perfect score. There are plenty of levels to keep you busy, and the graphics fit the game to a tee… just remember to turn HD mode on. If you’d like to help Red plant a few thousand trees you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Origin8 Technologies Tractor Trails for free.

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