Go Old School with OrangePixel’s Chrono & Cash for Android

Go Old School with OrangePixel’s Chrono & Cash for Android


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OrangePixel is well known for their retro styled games, and they just added another one to their lineup today with a new Android game called Chrono & Cash.Chrono & Cash follows a talented thief named Cash who travels through time robbing folks with the help up his trusty Chrono robot CR2. Each level consists of a single screen full of platforms and treasure; all you need to do is grab the treasure to advance to the next stage, but you’ll have to avoid the locals or you’ll get caught. Chrono & Cash features Score Challenges that increase your score multiplier when you complete the, and uses Twitter integration to let you brag about your highscores to everyone around. You can also place the game in landscape or portrait mode which is a nice touch and a feature I think folks will appreciate. Last but not least, you can unlock different disguise for your master thief – Burnie, Dino, Commander Pixman, and Dr. Cavor are just a few of the names you’ll be able to unlock.


Chrono & Cash looks to be a good retro platformer, and if you like Orange Pixels’ other games there’s little doubt that you’ll love this one.  Unfortunately, there is no free version available to try, but you can pick up the full version of Chrono & Cash for only $2.49 on Google Play.

Chrono & Cash

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