Get In-App Collectibles with Google Play’s Collectibles Promotion

Get In-App Collectibles with Google Play’s Collectibles Promotion


If you pay attention to Google Play you know how much the big G likes to promote. Well it looks like they’ve started something new with their “Play with Collectibles” promotion that awards players with cool new in-app items to use during gameplay.

I just noticed Google’s new promotion this morning and while I’m not sure how long it runs they’ve got some cool games and some even cool swag to win from playing. The titles offering up freebies include Monster Park, Stardom: The A-List, The Sims freeplay, Crime City, Homerun Battle 2, Tap Dragon Park, Hanging with Friends, Deer Hunger Reloaded, Tiny Zoo Friends, Dino Live, Pet Shop Story, Aqua Story, Tiny Village, World War, Fantasy Town, Dream Zoo, Frontline Commando, Panic Flight, Tiny Farm, Tap Zoo, Samurai vs Zombies defense, Bakery Story, Zombie Smash, and Brightwood Adventures. Different games offer up different items or equipment and from browsing some of the cooler freebies include a spaceship, a griffin, an emerald bugdroid statue, bunny headphones, and an ugly necktie just to name a few… I’ll let you figure out freebie goes with what game.


When I first noticed the sale I thought “Cool, we can actually get a physical collectible from some games”, but alas I was waaay off although the title of the sale could be considered a little misleading. Either way it’s still a cool promotion and one a lot of folks will try considering that there are some popular games in the promotion and they’re all free ones. If you want to check it out for yourself hit the link below.

Google Play Collectibles Promotion

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