Gamevil releases Fishing Superstars for Android

Gamevil releases Fishing Superstars for Android


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Gamevil snuck a new game into the market over this past weekend called Fishing Superstars. If you’ve played any of their other “superstar” games you’ll kind of know what to expect from Fishing Superstars, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some surprises along the way.Fishing Superstars is an “energy-based” fishing game where you’ll have a set amount of energy and use some for taking actions in the game. Your energy is on a timer and recovers slowly overtime; it’s a mechanic that’s been around for ages and something we’ve all seen before. Casting & Catching fish is done through flipping your phone, and the first thing I noticed that was a little off was the fact that you have to cast in landscape mode. It’s very easy to do, but feels a bit awkward on your phone and downright bizarre on a 10” tablet. Just like in Gamevil’s other “Superstar” games you can level up your character, train them, and buy tons of equipment and gear in addition to new rods & bait. The game offers up a few different modes of play, around 12 different lakes, and you even get to keep a small aquarium stocked with fish you’ve caught.


Fishing Superstars is a solid fishing game, but feels weighed down by the energy based setup and being stuck in landscape mode. It also doesn’t help that the game crashes a lot, and only runs on one out of four of my devices. That being said, I’m sure Gamevil will get things straightened out and it’s still a solid game if you’re into fishing. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up Gamevil’s Fishing Superstars for free on Google Play.

Fishing Superstars


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