Test your Trivia Skills with What A Cult for Android

Test your Trivia Skills with What A Cult for Android

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Think you know everything there is to know about Pop Culture? If so we’ve got just the thing for you with an Android game called What A Cult from Waccaw.

The layout of What A Cult is a little different from most trivia games as it’s a cross between Hangman and a trivia game. You’re given a question and have to figure out the answer based on the information given. You can choose letters just like in wheel of fortune or hangman, and if they’re correct they’ll show up in the answer. If you pick the wrong letter you’ll lost a star and when you lose three your game is over. Each challenge is worth 20 points, and every 10 seconds you’ll lose 1 point. You can get clues to help you out, but they will cost you 10 points; you’re also allowed a skip every so many rounds. The questions themselves seem to vary wildly and can be text based or visual from what I’ve experienced so far.



I only tried out the free version of What A Cult this morning, but was very impressed by how difficult (and fun) it is. I’m a self proclaimed “Pop Culture Guru” which basically means I know a lot of useless knowledge about a lot of cool stuff. I generally get perfect scores on games of this nature, but that’s not the case with What A Cult. The free version of What A Cult only has 3 categories to go along with 45 challenges. The full version on the other hand has around 800 challenges for $1.71 although I’m not sure if you get any more categories. Regardless, What A Cult is a great trivia game and a must-have if you’re into movie, people or book trivia.

What A Cult



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