Tapas Interactive releases Aerial Wild Adventure for Android

Tapas Interactive releases Aerial Wild Adventure for Android


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Aerial Wild Adventure is a new Android game from Tapas Interactive that takes you into the skies as Abu the bird. Abu got lost in a dangerous storm, and your job is to help him find his missing chicks and help them all get back home.

Aerial Wild Adventure is a flying game that has you soars and dive to pick up baby birds, fruit and power-ups. As you’d expect there are plenty of dangers in your way including snakes, evil birds, bees, and the ground of course. Controlling Abu is done through touch; you can touch/hold anywhere on the screen to gain altitude, but you’ll lose stamina in the process. When you let off the screen you’ll slowly start to drop and your stamina will recharge; there’s also a dive button that lets you swoop down quickly to pick up hard to reach chicks and power-ups. There looks like there will be 4 different areas in the game, the first level area is unlocked, but the rest are marked as coming soon. There are several different power-ups to collect in the game, and there are achievements and trophies to collect for doing well in the game.


Aerial Wild Adventure is a great looking flying game and it’s pretty fun as well.  That being said, the game does seem a bit short at the moment as I counted around 10 levels, and they are pretty easy to get through. More are listed as coming soon, and either way it’s a free game so it’s definitely worth a look. You can pick up Tapas Interactive’s Aerial Wild Adventure on Google Play.

Aerial Wild Adventure

Tapas Interactive

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