Tap and Destroy Monsters in Save Us for Android

Tap and Destroy Monsters in Save Us for Android


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I’ve made it no secret that I enjoy games with a unique visual style, and a new Android game called Save Us from SIE Group has that in spades. Can you save the quirky characters from the terrible monsters or will you even want to? Read on to find out…

Save Us is basically a “Tap and Destroy” game where you’ll need to save a series of odd characters from monsters flying around their heads. To kill a monster or grab a powerup you simply need to tap it, and you advance after you’ve killed a certain number of enemies. You have a life meter during the levels, but it’s never really made clear on how many monsters you need to kill to move on. Save Us has 7 different levels featuring 7 oddball characters, and online rankings so you can check your skills against the best. There is also a gallery feature that lets you view each of the quirky characters once you’ve mastered their level.


Save Us is a simple game, and not a bad one but you’re not going to get a lot of replay value. The graphics & characters are the real stars of the game and worth checking out even if the game is a little dull.  All the artwork was done by Gianluca Mattia who is very, very talented as you can see for yourself at the link below. Save Us get’s an A+ for artwork and style, but I’ve got to give it a solid C- in the gameplay department as it doesn’t have a lot going on. There isn’t a free version available, and if you want to check out the full version it will set you back $1.03 on Google Play.

Save Us

Gianluca Mattia

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