Run, Slice, and Dice with Hyperlight Blues Ninja Slash! for Android

Run, Slice, and Dice with Hyperlight Blues Ninja Slash! for Android


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I’ve been a fan of Catfishblues Games since they released Hyperlight some time ago and it looks they’ve just added another slick game to their lineup called Ninja Slash! If you have quick reflexes and a penchant for Ninja’s, crack your knuckles and get ready to run, slash, and jump your way through the colorful world of Ninja Slash…Ninja Slash! is a mashup of sorts that combines slashing gameplay with endless running style games. You play a Ninja whose on the run… from what we don’t know, but you’re only weapons are your ability to jump, and your sword the legendary Zantetsuken. Your sword can cut through damn near anything including enemies and different parts of your environment. As soon as a level starts, you start running and you’ll need to jump over obstacles and cut through anything that stands in your way. Jumping is done by simply pressing a button, and you can slice in any direction at any time as you speed your way through the colorful worlds. There are 50 levels in the game that are split across 4 different worlds, and you’ll get plenty of bonuses and powerups to help you along the way. Ninja Slash! also supports Openfeint if you want to check your scores against the top players around.


Ninja Slash! is more than just a simple running game; it’s quite challenging and has more a lot more depth than I initially thought. The way you get to slash, run, and jump through the levels really works well, and makes Ninja Slash! a blast to play. There isn’t a free version available to check out at this time, but the full version is well worth the $0.99 price tag. If you’re ready to put your Ninja skills to the test you can check out Catfishblues Ninja Slash! on Google Play.

Ninja Slash!

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