Quick Reflexes? Try UPSAT for Android

Quick Reflexes? Try UPSAT for Android


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UPSAT! is a new Android Game from Midnight Tangent Studios that puts your reflexes to the test as you play mini-games against the clock. UPSAT may sound like a school test of some sort, but in case you’re wondering UPSAT actually stands for You Probably Suck At This which I took as a personal challenge when I picked up the game…

When you first fire up UPSAT you’ll take a brief tutorial that walks you through the basics of the game and explains how things work. Basically you’ll go through the game completing mini-puzzles in the quickest time possible by tapping, swiping, and shaking among other gestures. You’re given 3 lives per game and if the timer runs out you’ll lose a life; you also have a combo gauge on the right side of the screen to keep track of your streaks. The mini-games I tried out so far (free version) vary from stroking a cat and tapping a burglar to tapping a punching bag repeatedly.  The full version of UPSAT gives you 15 mini-games, OpenFeint, and Endurance mode while the free version gives you survival mode and 5 mini-games to try.


UPSAT is a nice quick play game that tests your reflexes in a cool way as you have to perform different actions like swiping or shaking to complete each mini-game. The free version gives you enough to try out, and if you enjoy these types of games the full version is worth the $0.99 cent price tag. I thought it a bit odd that they would include OpenFeint as a “paid” version feature, but I’m sure they’re not the first to do it. You can check out both versions of UPSAT on Google Play, and if you’re looking to get the full versions you can pick it up on sale until June 1st as part of the Because We May sale.


Midnight Tangent

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