MMZ Tech releases Bloody Mary The Game for Android

MMZ Tech releases Bloody Mary The Game for Android


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I’ve been hooked on Spooky games since I played Silent Hill ages ago, and have been searching for something eerie on Android. Enter Bloody Mary – Ghost, a ghastly game from MMZ Tech that puts you in a haunted mansion filled with mystery and murder…

Bloody Mary is a horror walkthrough game that’s a mixture of point & press and interactive media. You start out in an old house and have to go room to room checking for clues and interacting with objects. Bloody Mary’s interface is simple to use; you’ve got a presence meter for spirits, a flashlight, an inventory icon, and a back button. One interesting aspect of the game is that it’s based in real time meaning that some parts of the game can only be accessed during certain parts of the day. I’m not sure of any specific times, but it’s pretty safe to say night time is when most of the action will happen. Time-based events are marked with a red exclamation mark icon; anytime you see one of those make note of the room as you may need to come back later. I’m unsure of how long the game is, but the developers have stated that this is just the first chapter of Bloody Mary and more chapters are coming soon in the form of free updates.


There are a few similar games out there, but none have managed to put it together as well as Blood Mary has so far. The general tone & atmosphere is definitely eerie; especially at night with the sound cranked up. There are a few things that are a little rough around the edges, but for the most part it seems to be a very solid mystery/horror game so far. There is no free version available at the moment, but you can pick up the full version of Bloody Mary for $3.99.


Bloody Mary

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