Manage your own Soccer Club with Big Win Soccer for Android

Manage your own Soccer Club with Big Win Soccer for Android


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I love a good simulation game, and try to check out everyone I can find. Well I found an awesome one with Big Win Soccer from Hothead games. Big Win Soccer isn’t your typical soccer sim either as you’ll quickly find out.Big Win Soccer lets you build your own unique soccer team and simulate games, but you’ll build your team of superstars from packs of playing cards. Every time you sim a game you’ll receive fans and more importantly coins. You can use the coins to buy packs of Soccer cards which will contain player cards, contracts, skill boosts, kits, and big impact cards. There are 8 different packs of cards in Big Win Soccer that range from regular to platinum players; the more expensive the pack, the better cards you’ll receive.

You also have the ability to customize your players names and looks along with the name of the team. Did I mention that you play your soccer games online against live opponents? You can simulate matches or play “trophy games” against opponents; every match will cost you an energy bar, and you’ll have to wait around 10 minutes per bar for the energy to recover. That being said, I was able to play for quite a while before actually having to stop and wait at which point I just switched over to Big Win Hockey till my energy was restored.


Big Win Soccer is a fun new style of simulation game, and I must warn you… it’s very addictive. I normally don’t do the whole in-app purchase thing for extras, but within 10 minutes I had coughed up 2 bucks to buy a “Players Pack” so I could get a bit of a boost. Hothead games has another game called Big Win Hockey that looks to be the same concept; I plan on taking a closer look at both games and will have a full review of one or both by week’s end. If you’d like to give it a go, you can pick up Hothead Games Big Win Soccer on Google Play for free.

Big Win Soccer

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