Kairosoft’s Pocket Clothier is Coming your Way on June 8th

Kairosoft’s Pocket Clothier is Coming your Way on June 8th


We reported a few weeks ago that Kairosoft had dropped a couple of new Japanese titles onto Google Play, and it looks like we’ll be getting an English version of a new game around June 8th. It may not be the game I was expecting, but it is one that’s a little overdue as it looks like Pocket Clothier is finally getting translated.

Little to no information is out there about this one, except for the cryptic blurb on the official Kairosoft website as you can see in the picture below. I’m assuming this is the clothing game that’s been sitting untranslated in the Android Market (it was still the market then) since January. It’s pretty safe to say that the new game will involve selling clothing or possibly designing it; they’re may be dragons or robots involved for all I know. You can count on it being fun though, and highly addictive if it’s anything like Kariosoft’s previous releases.

We’ll let you know more when the Pocket Clothier officially drops or when Kairosoft announces anything related to their other two untranslated games. If you can’t stand the wait and want to know more now you can head on over to kairospot.net to find out more about the mysterious company and their highly addictive games.


Pocket Clothier -  Japanese Lite Version

Site Referenced – Kairospot.net


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