Infinite Dreams releases Shoot The Zombirds for Android

Infinite Dreams releases Shoot The Zombirds for Android


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I’ve been a fan of Infinite Dreams since I first played Let’s Create! Pottery well over a year ago, and most of their titles I’ve played have been top-notch. I generally keep an eye out for any new games from the team in hopes of seeing Jelly Defense 2 one day, but this morning I did find a sequel to another one of their games with Shoot the Zombirds.

Shoot the Birds came out a while back and was fun, but not one of my favorites to be honest. Well, Infinite Dreams upped the ante with Shoot the Zombirds, and Pumpkin boy has his hands full this time killing zombie birds trying to steal lil’ squealing pumpkids. The basics of the game stay the same as you’ll still fire arrows at birds, but they’ve actually given the game a bit of depth this time around with power-ups. When you hit certain birds in the game you’ll receive coins which can be used to buy some very helpful power-ups from the Grave Store. You can get power-ups for more starting arrows, more pumpkins, speed up, and the expensive but effective “Rain of Pain”.  You can also buy costumes for Pumpkin Boy this time around which means you can dress him up has pumkinstein, and the Skeleton King.


Shoot The Zombirds is a great looking game, and it’s also a great way to kill some time. Personally, I like Shoot the Zombirds a lot more than the original and think that Infinite Dreams did a nice job with the game. If you’re ready to kill some time taking out skies full of pumpkin eating zombie birds head on over to Google Play and pick up Shoot the Zombirds for free.

Shoot the Zombirds

Infinite Dreams

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