Hothead Games releases Zombie Ace for Android

Hothead Games releases Zombie Ace for Android


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There are a lot of Zombie games and there are just as many flying games, but none combine both like Hothead Games has done with Zombie Ace for Android. Zombie Ace puts you in control of an airplane piloted by Zombies as you try and infect the US in 100 tricky missions.

Personally I never knew zombies could fly, and it’s actually a frightening thought as they’re not known to be the most cautious of creatures. Lucky for us the team at Hothead made controlling your plane easy as you’ll simply need to touch/hold the screen to go up and let off to go down. It’s very simple to control your plane, but you’ll still have to watch out for obstacles that can knock your passengers off, lightning storms, giant robots, and enemy planes that are constantly trying to shoot you from the sky. If you encounter an enemy you can send a zombie their way by tapping on them, but you’ll want to try and catch your zombie buddy you shot as tries to parachute to safety. As you soar through the skies trying to avoid death you’ll also want to try and snag as many coins as possible so you can upgrade your plane with better wings and bigger engines. Zombie Ace offers gamers 5 different pilots, 100 missions, and 14 US cities to spread the zombie plague upon.


Zombie Ace was a total surprise (in a good way) from the first time I took off in my plane till the time I put it down an hour later. The game is sharp in every area, and it’s been a real blast to play so far. The controls are setup so that anyone can pick it up and get going easily, but it gets pretty tricky the further you progress into the game.  Hothead games has been on a roll lately with their “Big Win” games and their release of Machinarium; Zombie Ace is another great game by the team and I look forward to seeing what they come out with next. If you’re ready to do a little flying head on over to Google Play and pick up Hothead Games Zombie Ace for free.


Zombie Ace

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