Hidden Variable Studios updates Bag It! with new Levels & a new Character

Hidden Variable Studios updates Bag It! with new Levels & a new Character


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One of my favorite games of last year got a nice update today, and that game is known as Bag It! from Hidden Variable Studios. If you haven’t played this grocery-based puzzler you’re really, really missing out and if you have you’ll love the new update including the introduction of a cool new character.

Just in case you’re new to the world of Bag It! here’s a quick rundown… Bag It! is a puzzle game played with quirky foot items in a Tetris like setting. You’ll have to “bag” groceries, make sure everything fits properly, and just like in real life you don’t want to crush anything. Some groceries don’t like each other while others are smitten with one another; all that and more comes into play when you’re bagging thing us and it makes Bag It! an awesome little game. So what does the new update bring? How about 16 brand new levels, 25 new achievements, and 3 revamped endless modes. If that’s not enough we’re also getting a brand new character named Fizzy whose a Soda Bottle. As you might have guessed Fizzy can be a little volatile at times so you definitely don’t want to shake him up or sit him on top of Sir Eggward.


It’s nice to see a solid update for Bag It! as this one brings us new content along with a brand new character, and one can only hope we’ll see some more new characters in the future. There are a lot of different grocery items out there so the possibilities are virtually endless. Personally I’d love to see bottle of Pepto that could “sooth” angry characters when they get upset or a villainous T-Bag modeled after Robert Knepper’s villainous T-Bag/D-bag played on Prison Break… now that would be cool. Either way, Bag It! is a great game that just got a little better with the new additions and I look forward to seeing where things go from here. You can check out a video of the new character below, read our full review or Bag It! or pick go pick it up on Google Play. The game is currently on sale and part of the Because We May special so knows the time to grab it for $0.99 if you haven’t already.

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