Help Sovle the Mystery of Big Fish Games Amazon: Hidden Expedition

Help Sovle the Mystery of Big Fish Games Amazon: Hidden Expedition

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If you play any kind of online games you’re no doubt familiar with Big Fish Games, and they’ve just released a sharp looking new Android game called Amazon: Hidden Expedition. Can you help find the missing professor or will you even want to?

Amazon: Hidden Expedition takes you on a journey through the Amazon with the Hidden Expedition team as they try and find their missing professor. You’re only clue is a tattered map that references the elusive Beetle Temple, but rest assured you’ll find more hints to the professors whereabouts as you progress through the game. Amazon: Hidden Expedition lets you explore ancient ruins of temples and cities through 50 unique hidden object scenes. Actually playing the game is as simple as touching a hidden object on your list, and pinch/zoom or panning around the games many environments. There are also 14 mini-games and you can replay the chapters to get a higher ranking in the game.


Big Fish Games is no stranger to the hidden object game genre, and Amazon: Hidden Adventure looks like another good one. There is a free version of the game you can try out which gives you a few levels to work your way through; the full version can be unlocked from within the game and gives you everything for only $3.99. You can find both versions of Big Fish’s Amazon: Hidden Expedition on Google Play.

Amazon: Hidden Expedition

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