Help feed Pisu in Doraemon Fishing 2 for Android

Help feed Pisu in Doraemon Fishing 2 for Android


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Doraemon Fishing 2 is a new Android game from PTT Solutions that puts you to work catching fish so you can feed your pet dinosaur Pisu. It’s a bit bizarre like all things Anime, but it’s also a quirky good time especially if you like Doreamon the gadget cat.Doraemon Fishing 2 is a flick fishing game that lets you fish as Doraemon, Nobita or Shizuka all characters from the colorful world of Doraemon. Your goal in the game is to feet Pisu the Dinosaur, but before you can do that you’ll have to catch some fish. To cast you simply need to touch the screen and as the line goes deeper you’ll want to tilt your phone left or right to actually avoid the fish. You’ll want to try and get as deep as you can and then snag as many fish as possible on the way back up while avoiding junk and bad fish like the puffer that Doraemon can’t eat. When your line full o’ fish arrives back on the surface you’ll have to flick the fish towards Pisu’s mouth while swatting all the bad food and junk away. You’re given a score after each cast based on depth and fish fed; you’ll also be given coins and trophies based on your performance. Doraemon Fishing 2 has a shop that lets you spend your earnings on several different things like line speed, hook weight, and hook energy.


Doraemon Fishing 2 is a nice quick play fishing game that’s great for a quick play, and it’s a game that kids should really get a kick out of as well. The game doesn’t have a lot of depth, but I’ve been playing it on and off for a few days and am still finding new surprises here and there. If you’re a Doraemon fan or would like to do a bit of quick fishing you can pick up Doraemon Fishing 2 on Google Play for free.


Doraemon Fishing 2

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