Go to War with iSiege: Nuclear Option for Android

Go to War with iSiege: Nuclear Option for Android


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Nuclear war isn’t something most people consider fun or charming, unless you’re playing iSiege: Nuclear Option from pew pew entertainment that is. iSiege is a new android game that brings nukes to the masses and lets you challenge your friends for nuclear supremacy.

iSiege: Nuclear Option drops you straight onto the battlefield, and puts you immediately into the fray. You hold one side of the playing field and send troops, tanks, and ICBM’s your opponents way while they are on the other side doing the same. Whoever takes out the other side first wins and there doesn’t seem to be any money involved as far as putting the troops out as it’s more about strategy than money. iSiege: Nuclear Option has 3 different modes of play with single, pass & play, and multiplayer.Verdict

While I only gave iSiege: Nuclear Option a quick play for review purposes, it seems like a solid strategy game with a great replay factor. I didn’t get a chance to really see “random” single player is, but if people stay active multiplayer should be a lot of fun. I plan on taking a look at the game further the first chance I get, as I love a good strategy game and this looks like a good one. There isn’t a free version available at this time, but you can pick up the full version for only $1.99 on Google Play.

iSeige: Nuclear Option

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