Get Retro with Priority Interrupt’s Delver for Android

Get Retro with Priority Interrupt’s Delver for Android


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What happens when you cross Minecraft with an old-school dungeon crawler? You get Delver from Priority Interrupt. Delver is a killer retro dungeon crawler that will wow you with its retro 3D backdrops and surprise you with its depth as it randomly generates levels so you’ll never play the same way twice.

If you’re not familiar with Dungeon Crawlers, they’re basically old-school RPG style games where you kill monsters, collect loot, and level up. Devler allows you to do all that, but the whole layout looks like you just stepped out of a Minecraft world. Our hero is blocky, the bad guys are blocky, and even the blood is full of pixely goodness. Your goal in Delver is to make it through the dungeons while you try to find the Yithidian Orb and bring it back to the surface… this will not be an easy task. You’ll get a little help from the loot you pick up which includes new weapons, armor, and the ever important health potions of course. Controlling your hero is done by simply using the left side of the screen to move, and the right side to attack; there is no on-screen joystick, but it’s still very easy to move about the dungeons.


Delver is a simply game to play, and it’s a lot of fun as well. If you enjoy rouge-like dungeon crawlers it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll want to pick this one, but you may have a hard time putting it down. You also have to take into account that this is an early version of the game, and I for one am pretty excited to see where Priority Interrupt takes the game next. There isn’t a free version to try, and the $3.99 price tag may seem a little steep to some but it’s well worth it if ya’ dig these kinds of old-school games. You can check out Priority Interrupt’s Delver on Google Play.


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